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About Us

Here at Gliptone Leathercare UK, we sell our products into all major furniture and car markets under the Liquid Leather, Scuff Master and Flexicoat brands.  Our leather care products were originally sold by World of Leather, Kingsbury Interiors, Harveys, Furnitureland etc and today, we still supply more furniture manufacturers than any other company in the UK, including the largest and some of the most specialised furniture retailers.   

Our History

Gliptone’s experience with leather goes back to 1972 when we were re-trimming Classic cars as well as carrying out general trim leather repairs to modern cars.  Soon leather recolouring was a major part of the business but many of the products available were solvent based, the wrong consistency and extremely smelly.  We knew we could do better.

Leather furniture is generally bulky and difficult to transport and minor transit damage is a costly problem.  Equally classic cars can suffer from wear or damage over the years it is often preferable to retain the original leather and restore it rather than replace it.  We therefore developed a “one touch” leather recolouring product that was quick and simple to use, requiring no top coat sealant and so SCUFFMaster was born – the first water-based, self-sealing leather dye in the world!  We now stock thousands of leather colour dyes, all copied from original leather colour samples.  Our stock of car leather colours range from the 1930s up to brand new cars, whilst our colossal range of leather furniture colours has been built up over the last 20 or so years.

As far as we know, this was the first UK water-based system for old leather restoration.  We were approached by a number of retailers and trade repairers to provide products for their leather ranges that were superior to others that were on offer and continue to supply many of these customers today.

Trusted Products from the Industry Leader

Gliptone Leathercare has been at the forefront of innovative leather repair and leather care products for many years and our products are often copied.  We pride ourselves that there are no exaggerated claims or false promises with our products and they are backed up with excellent service and knowledge from our customer care team.

Gliptone and the Trade

A major part of any service business is travelling time. With technicians having to visit many homes in a day, long travelling times leave little time for the repair.  Our SCUFFmaster ready mixed dyes are the obvious choice for any service company, whereby the technician has the colour already mixed before the visit, meaning he has more time to concentrate on performing an invisible and effective repair. Major retailers like DFS, Furniture Village, Sofology, G-Plan, Parker Knoll, Ekornes, national service companies and dozens of independent service companies use our SCUFFmaster dyes and/or our vast range of cosmetic repair products on a daily basis.

Supplying Manufacturers Worldwide

It’s not only UK companies that use Gliptone Leathercare products – we supply manufacturers in Eastern Europe¸ Asia and Australia with leather care, leather restoration and leather repair materials, whilst our products are also used by airlines, boat manufacturers and equestrian linked businesses. We also export to many other countries all over the world.