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In this section you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions but if you have any other queries that we haven't covered, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Are water-based leather care products the safest?

Yes, water based products are preferable to those that are spirit based.  All our cleaners, conditioners and dyes are water based, and all our conditioners smell of traditional English quality leather.

Can I just use soap and water to clean leather?

Leather should not be cleaned with soap and water as this tends to dry the leather and shrink it. It is always best to use purpose built leather cleaning products.

Do conditioners work?

Yes, conditioners are very important for maintaining leather.  Constant creasing and twisting of the leather finish (e.g. after a few months’ use and beyond), will cause micro cracks to form in the finish and a good conditioner will penetrate these and stop them turning into visible creases/cracks.

Are there any situations where a conditioner will not work?

Yes, where the leather has been re-coloured with a spirit-based dye. These dyes cause the leather fibres to shrink and the plasticisers in the dyes go hard with age. As a result the leather will feel rock hard, and even water won’t temporarily soften it. Another case is if our Flexicote dye is used – a conditioner cannot penetrate the finish. We sell this dye as a specific product for badly damaged or worn leather, but unlike spirit-based dyes it doesn’t harden leather.

Are conditioners with fluorochemicals best?

Flurochemicals work well if you want your leather to repel water and oil stains but they won’t stop dye transfer, sun fading or stains and may affect cosmetic repairs and re-colouring restoration. Fluorochemicals are often classified as “Protectors” (3M Scotchgard is one), but they can be expensive and the content rate determines their effectiveness. Good results are generally achieved after three applications applied 24 hours apart.

Do ‘All-in-One’ Cleaner, Conditioner and Protectors work?

Be wary of ‘all in one’ products, especially on leather that is in regular use or is aged as using a combined product can make dirt and grime more ingrained.  A good cleaner takes dirt and oils out, whilst conditioners put softening agents in and it is impossible to do both well without compromise in a single product.  We would always recommend individual cleaners and conditioners, tailored to the type of leather involved.

Can I determine if a leather conditioner will work?

If the product is very watery, it will be the water that is doing the softening, and it will dry out within days, whereas a good conditioner will give weeks or months of softness.  Look for a conditioner that is rich enough for your leather but not greasy or oily such as our GT11 Leather Conditioner.  We also have a version that has a water repellent in that is ideal for open topped cars or motorbikes.

What’s wrong with oil-based conditioners?

Oils can soak into leather easily, however in warm conditions they rise to the surface transferring to clothing and attracting dust. They also make cosmetic repairs difficult and re-colouring short lived.

Will using GT11 Leather Conditioner create a slippery surface?

No, the conditioner penetrates the leather and provides a non-greasy protection. It enhances the natural look and feel of the leather as well as imparting a traditional leather fragrance.

What will sealants add to my recently coloured leather?

Our range of sealants provide a final protection and enhance the finish on your newly coloured leather. The final look can be chosen from matt, gloss or satin. (for use with Scuffmaster dye)

How long do I have to wait after using the sealant before sitting/touching the leather?

We normally advise waiting 1 hour after sealant is applied.

Can I buy your products in any retail outlets?

Our products are very high quality and designed for leather enthusiasts. We sell our products on our website and on the telephone. This enables us to provide specialist advice and help when choosing or using our products but there are also a number of trade stockiest that buy from us.  Please contact our customer service team if you are looking for a local seller in your area.